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Introduce yourself in one English paragraph…

Posted on: September 16, 2008

…are you ready for that?


A new semester is exciting, isn’t it? New faces, new tasks, new books, etc… 

How are you going to introduce yourself to others? What will you include in it, your research, your hobbies, your dreams? It takes practice. I am looking forward to reading what you write this Thursday in class.


2 Responses to "Introduce yourself in one English paragraph…"

I am a sencond-year master student. My bachelor degree is double E but now I am majoring in physics. I made this change just because I want to learn more about nature mechanics and fundamental science.

My greatest pleasure in school life is spending time on the research of X-Ray microscopy. I enjoy discussing ideas and talking about frontier issues with my coworkers. I thank my
supervisor and coworkers very much. They give me many opportunities to do those great jobs.

Research life for me is exciting, full of new ideas and ever renewing. I rather live in this way than no changes but smooth life. This life is always hard, but it is a lot easier
when you are enjoying every moment you are working and contributing to make new things happen.

sorry, teacher said “want to” is not good for writing.

So, maybe “I am curious about natural mechanics…..”
instead of “I want to learn more about nature mechancs….”.

It’s better?

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